Matematychni Studii
INDEX 2019

Ammar A., Jeribi A., Saadaoui B. On some classes of demicompact linear relation and some results of essential pseudospectra
Bardyla S. An alternative look at the structure of graph inverse semigroups
Bak S. M. Homoclinic traveling waves in discrete sine-Gordon equation with nonlinear interaction on 2D-lattice
Bakhtin A. K., Denega I. V. Weakened problem on extremal decomposition of the complex plane
Bandura A. I. Entire curves having bounded $l$-index in $\ell_{\infty}$
Banerjee A., Bhattacharyya S. Meromorphic function sharing three sets with its shift, q-shift, q-difference and analogous operators
Bedratyuk L. The double star sequences and the general second Zagreb index
Besteiro A. Polynomial complex Ginzburg-Landau equations in Zhidkov spaces
Bilanyk I. B. A truncation error bound for some branched continued fractions of the special form
Bilous A. M. Idempotent matrices over a duo ring
Bokalo M. M., Skira I. V. The Fourier problem for weakly nonlinear integro-differential elliptic-parabolic systems
Bottazzi E. Homomorphisms between rings with infinitesimals and infinitesimal comparisons
Bottazzi E., Kanovei V., Katz M., Mormann T., Sherry D. On mathematical realism and applicability of hyperreals
Bouchelaghem F., Benharrat M. On the spectrum of linear operator pencils
Buhrii O. M. On $\varepsilon$-Friedrichs inequalities and its application
Chabanyuk Y. M., Nikitin A. V., Khimka U. T. Asymptotic properties of the impulse perturbation process under Levy approximation conditions with the point of equilibrium of the quality criterion
Chyzhykov I. E., Kutnyak O. A. Growth of pth means of the Poisson-Stieltjes integrals in polydisc
Dilnyi V., Voitovych Kh. Hilbert transform on $W_{\sigma}^1$
Eremenko A. A problem of Stanis law Saks
Fedynyak S. I., Filevych P. V. Distance between a maximum modulus point and zero set of an analytic function
Hembarskyi M. V., Hembarska S. B., Solich K. V. The best approximations and widths of the classes of periodical functions of one and several variables in the space $B_{\infty, 1}$
Huzyk N. M. Identification of the unknown parameters in the parabolic equation in a free boundary domain
Kisi O. $S_{\lambda }\big(\mathcal{I}\big) $-convergence of complex uncertain sequence
Kuz’mich V. I., Savchenko A. G. Geometric relations in an arbitrary metric space
Majumder S., Dam A. On the transcendental meromorphic solutions of a certain class of differential equations
Malyutin K. G., Revenko A. A. Extreme problems in the space of meromorphic functions of finite order in the half-plane
Mokhon’ko A. Z., Kolyasa L. I. Some properties of meromorphic solutions of linear differential equation with meromorphic coefficients
Mukharjee A., Roy R. M. On generalized preopen sets
Mulyava O. M., Sheremeta M. M. On Dirichlet series like to compositions of Hadamard
Nakonechniy O. G., Kudin G. I., Zinko T. P. Formulas of perturbation for one class of pseudo inverse operators
Nakonechnyi O. G., Zinko P. M., Shevchuk I. M. Analysis the solutions of the differential non-linear equations describing the information spreading process with jump discontinuity
Quan V. V.Weak solutions to the complex Monge-Amp`ere equation on open subsets of $\mathbb{C}^n$
Pramanik D. C., Roy Ja. Weakly weighted-sharing and uniqueness of homogeneous differential polynomials
Protasov I. V. Sequential coarse structures of topological groups
Pukal’skii I. D., Yashan B. O. The Cauchy problem with impulse action and degeneration for parabolic equations
Salim D., Budhi W. S., Soeharyadi Y. On rough maximal inequalities: an extension of Fefferman-Stein results
Senio P. S. Matrix representation of Taylor’s formula for mappings in finite dimensional spaces
Sevost’yanov E. A., Skvortsov S. A., Ilkevych N. S. On removable singularities of mappings in uniform spaces
Sheremeta M. M. Locally univalence of Dirichlet series satisfying a linear differential equation of second order with exponential coefficients
Sheremeta M. M., Trukhan Yu. S. Properties of analytic solutions of a differential equation
Storozh O. G. On one variational problem reducing to differential-boundary operator
Vasylyshyn T. V. The algebra of symmetric polynomials on $(L_\infty)^n$
Vynnyts’kyi B. V., Sheparovych I. B. On interpolation problem with derivative in the space of entire functions with fastgrowing interpolation knots
Zabavsky B. V., Romaniv O. M. Rings with the Kazimirsky condition and rings with projective socle
Zabolotskyi M. V., Basiuk Yu. V., Mostova M. R. Binomial asymptotics for the logarithmic derivative of zero-order entire functions with zeros along curves of regular rotation
Zavarzina O. O. Linear expand-contract plasticity of ellipsoids in separable Hilbert spaces

Matematychni Studii