Matematychni Studii
INDEX 2018

Bair J., Blaszczyk P., Ely R., Heinig P., Katz M. Leibniz's well-founded fictions and their interpretations
Bak S. M., Kovtonyuk G. M. Existence of solitary traveling waves in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system on 2D-lattice
Banakh T., Ravsky A. The regularity of quotient paratopological groups
Bandura A. I. Analytic functions in the unit ball of bounded value L-distribution in a direction
Bandura A. I. Composition, product and sum of analytic functions of bounded L-index in direction in the unit ball
Barabash G., Kholyavka Ya., Tytar I. Periodic words connected with the Tribonacci-Lucas numbers
Baranetskij Ya. O., Demkiv I. I., Kopach M. I., Obshta A. F. The interpolation functional polynomial: the analogue of the Taylor formula
Baranetskij Ya. O., Kalenyuk P. I., Kolyasa L. I., Kopach M. I. Nonlocal multipoint problem for an ordinary differential equations of even order involution
Berezsky O., Zarichnyi M. Gromov-Fr´echet distance between metric curves
Buhrii O. M. Visco-plastic, newtonian, and dilatant fluids: Stokes equations with variable exponent of nonlinearity
Bardyla S. On locally compact semitopological graph inverse semigroups
Bedratyuk L., Lunio N. Intertwining maps for the Weitzenbock and Chebyshev derivations
Danchev P. V. Rings whose elements are sums or minus sums of three commuting idempotents
Gordevskyy V. D., Hukalov O. O. The interaction of the asymmetrical screw flows for the Bryan-Pidduck model
Hlushak I., Nykyforchyn O. Fractal dimensions for inclusion hyperspaces and non-additive measures
Hukalov O. O., Gordevskyy V. D. Infinite-modal approximate solutions of the Bryan-Pidduck equation
Jawad F. Note on separately symmetric polynomials on the Cartesian product of $l_1$
Kuryliak A. O., Skaskiv O. B., Stasiv N. Yu. On convergence of random multiple Dirichlet series
Kuryliak A., Tsvigun V. Wiman’s type inequality for multiple power series in an unbounded cylinder domain
Lopushanska H. P., Lopushansky A. O. Uniqueness of solution for the inverse problem of finding two minor coefficients in a semilinear time fractional telegraph equation
Maligranda L. Review of the book by Mariusz Urbanek, “Genialni - Lwowska Szko la Matematyczna” (Geniuses - the Lvov school of mathematics)
Mallick S., Sarkar D. Unique range sets for powers of meromorphic functions
Mokhonko A. Z., Mokhonko A. A. Fast growing meromorphic solutions of the systems of linear differential equations
Mulyava O. M. On belonging of entire Dirichlet series to a modified generalized convergence class
Mulyava O. M., Sheremeta M. M. Relative growth of Dirichlet series
Nuray F., Patterson R. F. Vector-valued bivariate entire functions of bounded index satisfying a system of differential equations
Protasov I. V. A note on bornologies
Protasov I. V., Protasova K. D. Metrically Ramsey ultrafilters
Protsakh N. P. Problem of determining of minor coefficient and right-hand side function in semilinear ultraparabolic equation
Salimov R. R., Klishchuk B. A. An extremal problem for the volume functional
Shakhno S. M., Yarmola H. P., Shunkin Yu. V. Convergence analysis of the Gauss-Newton-Potra method for nonlinear least squares problems
Sevost’yanov E. A., Skvortsov S. A., Ilkevych N. S. On boundary behavior of mappings with two normalized conditions
Sheremeta M. M., Kuryliak A. O. On the growth of Laplace- Stieltjes integrals
Skaskiv O. B. Progress in the open problems in theory of functions of bounded index
Vasylyshyn T. V. Symmetric polynomials on the Cartesian power of $L_p$ on the semi-axis
Volyanska I., Il’kiv V., Strap N. Two-point nonlocal problem for a weak nonlinear differential-operator equation
Zayed H. M., Bulboaca T. Sandwich results for higher order fractional derivative operators

Matematychni Studii