Matematchni Studii
Vol. 40, No.2, 2013


Bar and cobar constructions for curved algebras and coalgebras
Lyubashenko V. V.
Limits of sequences of Darboux-like mappings
Karlova O.
Two-radii theorem for solutions of some mean value equations
Trofymenko O. D.
On the $l$-index boundedness of entire ridge functions
Kulyavec' L. V., Sheremeta M. M.
Riesz measure of functions that are subharmonic in the exterior of a compact (in Russian)
Favorov S. Ju., Radchenko L. D.
Multiplicatively periodic subharmonic functions in the punctured Euclidean space
Kondratyuk A. A., Zaborovska V. S.
Bari--Markus property for Dirac operators
Mykytyuk Ya. V., Puyda D. V.
Solutions of parabolic equations from families of Banach spaces depending on time (in Ukrainian)
Ivasyshen S. D.
Inverse Stefan problem for a parabolic equation with weak power degeneration (in Ukrainian)
Huzyk N. M.
Initial-boundary-value problem for linear elliptic-parabolic-pseudoparabolic equations (in Ukrainian)
Bokalo M. M., Domanska H. P.
Pretangent spaces with nonpositive and nonnegative Aleksandrov curvature (in Russian)
Bilet V. V., Dovgoshey O. A.


(to 60-th birthday)
Igor Volodymyrovych Protasov
(13.11.1946 --- 8.07.2013)
Robert Cauty
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Matematchni Studii