Matematychni Studii
Vol. 48, No.2, 2017


Lattices of coarse structures
Protasov I. V., Protasova K. D.
The Pfeiffer-Lax-Sato type vector field equations and the related integrable versal deformations
Blackmore D., Prykarpatski A., Vovk M., Pukach P., Prykarpatsky Ya.
Automorphism groups of superextensions of groups
Banakh T. O., Gavrylkiv V. M.
On a Banach space of Lapalce-Stieltjes integrals
Sheremeta M. M., Dobushovskyy M. S., Kuryliak A. O.
Complete biorthogonal systems of Bessel functions
Vynnyts'kyi B. V., Khats' R. V.
Dual pair of eigenvalues in rank one singular nonsymmetric perturbations
Vdovenko T. I., Dudkin M. E.
Frechet distance between weighted rooted trees
Berezsky O., Zarichnyi M.
Wijsman rough convergence of triple sequences
Subramanian N., Esi A.


Bounded $l$-index and $l$-$M$-index and compositions of analytic functions
Bandura A. I., Sheremeta M. M.


Klein vs Mehrtens: restoring the reputation of a great modern
Bair J., Blaszczyk P., Heinig P., Katz M., Schafermeyer J. P., Sherry D.
International conference in functional analysis dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Stefan Banach
Index, 2017

Matematychni Studii