Matematychni Studii
Vol. 44, No.1, 2015


On feebly compact inverse primitive (semi)topological semigroups
Gutik O., Ravsky O.
On new condition of finite Lipschitz of Orlicz-Sobolev class (in Russian)
Salimov R. R.
Entire functions that share a polynomial with finite weight
Sahoo P., Saha B.
On asymptotically optimal controls in problems with fast and slow variables (in Ukrainian)
Boitsova I. A.
An application of integral equation method to fractional Stefan problem (in Ukrainian)
Krasnoschok M. V.
Orbits of smooth functions on $2$-torus and their homotopy types
Maksymenko S. I., Feshchenko B. G.
A modified Bishop-Phelps-Bollobas theorem and its sharpness
Kadets V., Soloviova M.
Boundary optimal control for systems described by parabolic problem without initial conditions (in Ukrainian)
Tsebenko A. M.


A note-question on partitions of semigroups
Protasov I., Protasova K.
A class of entire functions of unbounded index in each direction
Bandura A. I.

Matematychni Studii