Matematychni Studii
Vol. 51, No.1, 2019


An alternative look at the structure of graph inverse semigroups
Bardyla S.
Sequential coarse structures of topological groups
Protasov I. V.
On $\varepsilon$-Friedrichs inequalities and its application
Buhrii O. M.
Compositions of Dirichlet series similar to the Hadamard compositions, and convergence classes
Mulyava O. M., Sheremeta M. M.
Weakened problem on extremal decomposition of the complex plane
Bakhtin A. K., Denega I. V.
Weakly weighted-sharing and uniqueness of homogeneous differential polynomials
Pramanik D. C., Roy Ja.
On interpolation problem with derivative in a space of entire functions with fast-growing interpolation knots
Vynnyts'kyi B. V., Sheparovych I. B.
The Fourier problem for weakly nonlinear integro-differential elliptic-parabolic systems
Bokalo M. M., Skira I. V.
The best approximations and widths of the classes of periodical functions of one and several variables in the space $B_{\infty, 1}$(in Ukrainian)
Hembarskyi M. V., Hembarska S. B., Solich K. V.
Linear expand-contract plasticity of ellipsoids in separable Hilbert spaces
Zavarzina O. O.
Matrix representation of Taylor's formula for mappings in finite dimensional spaces
Senio P. S.


On some problem for entire functions of unbounded index in any direction
Hural I. M.


Kyrychenko Volodymyr Vasylovych
(17 June 1942 -- 2 April 2019)

Matematychni Studii