Matematychni Studii
Vol. 47, No.2, 2017


Cauchy, infinitesimals and ghosts of departed quantifiers
Bair J., Blaszczyk P., Ely R., Henry V., Kanovei V., Katz K. U., Katz M. G., Kudryk T., Kutateladze S. S., McGaffey T., Mormann T., Schaps D. M., Sherry D.
Ramsey-product subsets of a group
Banakh T., Protasov I., Protasova K.
Convergence of some branched continued fractions with independent variables
Dmytryshyn R. I.
The analogue of Bernstein's inverse theorem for the one class of the space of sequences (in Ukrainian)
Maslyuchenko V. K., Voloshyn H. A.
Pfluger-type theorem for functions of refined regular growth
Chyzhykov I.
Composition of entire functions and bounded $L$-index in direction
Bandura A. I.
The boundary-value problem for the linear degenerated singularly perturbed system of differential equations of the second order (in Ukrainian)
Vira . B.
Approximation of periodic analytic functions by Fejer sums
Novikov O. O., Rovenska O. G.


On functions that are continuous on differentiable curves (in Ukrainian)
Maslyuchenko V. K., Fotiy O. G.


On the $l$-index boundedness of some composition of functions
Sheremeta M. M.


Two remarks on the book by Roman Duda ``Pearls from a Lost City. The Lvov School of Mathematics''
Plichko A.

Matematychni Studii