Matematychni Studii
Vol. 46, No.2, 2016


Stability analysis of companion matrices
Auzinger W., Stolyarchuk R.
Levy's phenomenon for analytic functions in $\mathbb{D}\times\mathbb{C}$
Kuryliak A., Skaskiv O., Tsvihun V.
Meromorphic function that share a set of small functions with its derivative
Sahoo P., Biswas G.
On the maximum points and deviations of meromorphic minimal surfaces
Kowalski A., Marchenko I. I.
Removability results for subharmonic functions, for harmonic functions and for holomorphic functions
Riihentaus J.
On asymptotic behavior of the $p$th means of the Green potential for $p\in(0;1]$
Chyzhykov I. E., Voitovych M. A.
The Cauchy-Riemann equations for a class of $(0,1)$-forms in $l^{2}$
Talhaoui A.
On the two-member asymptotic of Young conjugated functions
Sheremeta M. M., Dobushovskyy M. S.
Some properties of measures with discrete support
Favorov S. Yu.


Derivative of the conjugacy for the pair of tentlike mappings of interval at rational points (in Ukrainian)
Plakhotnyk M. V.


Review of the book by Roman Duda, ''Pearls from a lost city. The Lvov school of mathematics''
Maligranda L.
International Conference
''Complex Analysis and Related Topics''
Ptashnyk Bogdan Josypovych
(28 September 1937 -- 22 February 2017)
Index, 2016

Matematychni Studii