Slice holomorphic functions in the unit ball: boundedness of $L$-index in a direction and related properties

  • A. I. Bandura Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
  • T. M. Salo Lviv Politechnic National University
  • O. B. Skaskiv Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
Keywords: bounded index; bounded L-index in direction; slice function; holomorphic function; maximum modulus; minimum modulus; bounded l-index; existence theorem; distribution of zeros; unit ball.


Let $\mathbf{b}\in\mathbb{C}^n\setminus\{\mathbf{0}\}$ be a fixed direction. We consider slice holomorphic functions of several complex variables in the unit ball, i.e.
we study functions which are analytic in intersection of every slice $\{z^0+t\mathbf{b}: t\in\mathbb{C}\}$ with the unit ball
$\mathbb{B}^n=\{z\in\mathbb{C}^: \ |z|:=\sqrt{|z|_1^2+\ldots+|z_n|^2}<1\}$ for any
$z^0\in\mathbb{B}^n$. For this class of functions
we consider the concept of boundedness of $L$-index in the direction $\mathbf{b},$ where
$\mathbf{L}: \mathbb{B}^n\to\mathbb{R}_+$ is a positive continuous function such that
$L(z)>\frac{\beta|\mathbf{b}|}{1-|z|}$ and $\beta>1$ is some constant.
For functions from this class we deduce analog of Hayman's Theorem. It is criterion useful in applications to
differential equations. We introduce a concept of function having bounded value $L$-distribution in direction for
the slice holomorphic functions in the unit ball. It is proved that slice holomorphic function in the unit ball has bounded value $L$-distribution in a direction if and only if its directional derivative has bounded $L$-index in the same direction.
Other propositions concern existence theorems. We show that for any slice holomorphic function $F$ with bounded multiplicities of zeros on any slice in the fixed direction there exists such a positive continuous function $L$
that the function $F$ has bounded $L$-index in the direction.


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