The attainable spaces and its analogues (in Ukrainian)

Author O. V. Maslyuchenko

Abstract In this paper we investigate interplays between several type of the attainable spaces. We introduce the class of discreetly saturated spaces which contains all metrizable spaces and all hereditarily separable perfectly normal spaces and check that a first countable discreetly saturated space has all type of attainability. We also obtain that weakly discreetly attainable spaces are countably resolvable.
Keywords attainable space; pairwise attainable space; discreetly attainable space; pairwise discreetly attainable space; weakly attainable space; weakly pairwise attainable space; weakly discretely attainable space; weakly/ pairwise discreetly attainable space
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Pages 98-105
Volume 37
Issue 1
Year 2012
Journal Matematychni Studii
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