The discontinuity point set of A-continuous functions (in Ukrainian)

Author O. V. Maslyuchenko
„ерн≥вецький нац≥ональний ун≥верситет ≥мен≥ ё. ‘едьковича

Abstract We characterize the set of discontinuity points of A-continuous quasi-continuous functions of the first class defined on hereditarily normal weakly pairwise attainable spaces. Besides, we obtain several sufficient properties of a subset of a normed space which guarantee an existence of a linearly continuous function with the given discontinuity point set.
Keywords A-continuous function; discontinuity point set; quasi-continuous function; linearly continuous function; A-nowhere dense set; $\sigma$-A-nowhere dense set
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Pages 89-97
Volume 37
Issue 1
Year 2012
Journal Matematychni Studii
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