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INDEX 2023

Bak S. M., Kovtonyuk G. M. Periodic traveling waves in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam type systems with nonlocal interaction on 2d-lattice
Baksa V., Bandura A., Salo T. Analytic in a unit polydisc functions of bounded $L$-index in direction
Baksa V. P., Bandura A. I. On an attempt to introduce a notion of bounded index for the Fueter regular functions of the quaternionic variable
Banakh I., Banakh T., Kolinko M., Ravsky A. Metric characterizations of some subsets of the real line
Bandura A., Nuray F. Entire bivariate functions of exponential type II
Bokalo M. M., Domanska O. V. Higher-orders elliptic-parabolic equations with variable exponents of the nonlinearity in unbounded domains without conditions at infinity
Buhrii O. M., Kholyavka O. T., Bokalo T. M. Nonlocal hyperbolic Stokes system with variable exponent of nonlinearity
Buyankara M., Caglar M. Hankel and Toeplitz determinants for a subclass of analytic functions
Boyko O., Martynyuk O., Pivovarchik V. On recovering the shape of a quantum tree from the spectrum of the Dirichlet boundary problem
Denega I. V., Zabolotnyi Ya. V. Application of upper estimates for products of inner radii to distortion theorems for univalent functions
Dyavanal R. S., Kalakoti S. B. Normality and uniqueness of homogeneous differential polynomials
Filevych P. V., Hrybel O. B. Global estimates for sums of absolutely convergent Dirichlet series in a half-plane
Gatalevych A. I., Shchedryk V. P. On adequacy of full matrices
Gutik O. V., Mykhalenych M. S. On a semitopological semigroup $\boldsymbol{B}_{\omega}^{\mathscr{F}}$ when a family $\mathscr{F}$ consists of inductive non-empty subsets of $\omega$
Hermas A., Oukhtite L., Taoufiq L. Generalized derivations acting on Lie ideals in prime rings and Banach algebras
Jayarama H. R., Bhoosnurmath S. S., Chaithra C. N., Naveenkumar S. H. Uniqueness of meromorphic functions with nonlinear differential polynomials sharing a small function IM
Kazanivskiy M., Mykytyuk Ya., Sushchyk N. Transformation operators for impedance Sturm-Liouville operators on the line
Kuryliak A. O., Skaskiv O. B. Analytic Gaussian functions in the unit disc: probability of zero absence
Kuryliak A. O. Wiman type inequality for entire multiple Dirichlet series with arbitrary complex exponents
Mallick S. On the distribution of unique range sets and its elements over the extended complex plane
Mohammed N. H. Sharp bounds of logarithmic coefficient problems for functions with respect to symmetric points
Mukharjee A. A new approach to nearly paracompact spaces
Mulyava O. M., Sheremeta M. M. On entire Dirichlet series similar to Hadamard compositions
Nakonechnyi O. G., Zinko P. M. Estimates of matrix solutions of operator equations with random parameters under uncertainties
Oliynyk A. Free products of cyclic groups in groups of infinite unitriangular matrices
Pratsiovytyi M. V., Baranovskyi O. M., Bondarenko O. I., Ratushniak S. P. One class of continuous locally complicated functions related to infinite-symbol $\Phi$-representation of numbers
Pukalskii I. D., Yashan B. O. Optimal control in the boundary value problem for elliptic equations with degeneration
Radchenko S., Samoilenko V., Samusenko P. Asymptotic solutions of singularly perturbed linear differential-algebraic equations with periodic coefficients
Rath B., Kumar K. S., Krishna D. V. An exact estimate of the third Hankel determinants for functions inverse to convex functions
Rehman N., Sogutcu E. K., Alnoghashi H. M. On generalized homoderivations of prime rings
Rovenska O. Approximation of classes of Poisson integrals by Fejer means
Salimov R. R., Sevost'yanov E. O., Targonskii V. A. On modulus inequality of the order $p$ for the inner dilatation
Samaruk N. M. Quasi-monomials with respect to subgroups of the plane affine group
Santhoshkumar C. Binormal and complex symmetric weighted composition operators on the Fock space over $\mathbb{C}$
Sheremeta M. M. Spaces of series in system of functions
Sheremeta M. M. Properties of Laplace-Stieltjes-type integrals
Shugailo O. O. Equiaffine immersions of codimension two with flat connection and one-dimensional Weingarten mapping
Sukhorukova Kh. Spaces of non-additive measures generated by triangular norms

Matematychni Studii