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INDEX 2022

Al-Zoubi K., Al-Azaizeh M. On graded $WAG2$-absorbing submodule
Ammar A., Boutaf F. Z., Jeribi A. Essential spectra in non-Archimedean fields
Andrusyak I. V., Filevych P. V., Oryshchyn O. H. Minimal growth of entire functions with prescribed zeros outside exceptional sets
Ansari A. Z., Rehman N. Identities on additive mappings in semiprime rings
Argyros I. K., Shakhno S. M., Yarmola H. P. On the convergence of Kurchatov-type methods using recurrent functions for solving equations
Baksa V. P., Bandura A. I., Salo T. M. Boundedness of the $L$-index in a direction of the sum and product of slice holomorphic functions in the unit ball
Baksa V. P., Bandura A. I., Salo T. M., Skaskiv O. B. Note on boundedness of the $L$-index in the direction of the composition of slice entire functions
Banakh T., Ravsky A. Extended ball convergence for a seventh order derivative free class of algorithms for nonlinear equations
Bandura A. I., Salo T. M., Skaskiv O. B. Slice holomorphic functions in the unit ball: boundedness of $L$-index in a direction and related properties
Bandura A. I., Salo T. M., Skaskiv O. B. Erdos-Macintyre type theo\-rem's for multiple Dirichlet series: exceptional sets and open problems
Bazylevych L., Berezsky O., Zarichnyi M. Frechet fuzzy metric
Bedratyuk L. P., Bedratyuk A. I. 3D geometric moment invariants from the point of view of the classical invariant theory
Beregova G. I., Fedynyak S. I., Filevych P. V. Asymptotic estimates for analytic functions in strips and their derivatives
Bouhafsi Y., Ech-chad M., Missouri M., Zouaki A. Remarks on the range and the kernel of generalized derivation
Dmytruk A. A., Gatalevych A. I., Kuchma M. I. Stable range conditions for abelian and duo rings
Dovhopiatyi O., Sevost'yanov E. On compact classes of solutions of Dirichlet problem in simply connected domains
Favorov S. Local versions of the Wiener-Levy theorem
Filevych P. V., Hrybel O. B. On regular variation of entire Dirichlet series
Grushka Ya. I. On some properties of Hassani transforms
Gumenchuk A., Krasikova I., Popov M. On linear sections of orthogonally additive operators
Hocine K. M. Boundary value matrix problems and Drazin invertible operators
Karpenko I., Zavarzina O. Linear expand-contract plasticity of ellipsoids revisited
Kim S. G. Some class of numerical radius peak $n$-linear mappings on $l_p$-spaces
Kim S. G. Remarks on the norming sets of ${\mathcal L}(^ml_{1}^n)$ and description of the norming sets of ${\mathcal L}(^3l_{1}^2)$
Kostov V. P. A domain free of the zeros of the partial theta function
Krasnoshchok M. V. Monotone iteration method for fractional diffusion equations
Kravtsiv V. V., Zagorodnyuk A. V. Spectra of algebras of block-symmetric analytic functions of bounded type
Ladzoryshyn N. B., Petrychkovych V. . The number of standard forms of matrices over imaginary Euclidean quadratic rings with respect to the $(z,k)$-equivalence
Lukashova T. D., Drushlyak M. G. Non-periodic groups with the restrictions on the norm of cyclic subgroups of non-prime order
Mykytyuk Ya. V., Sushchyk N. S. The strip of analyticity of reflectionless potentials
Panigrahi T., Murugusundaramoorthy G. Second Hankel determinant for a subclass of analytic functions defined by Salagean-difference operator
Pratsiovytyi M. V., Goncharenko Ya. V., Lysenko I. M., Ratushniak S.\ P. Continued $\mathbf{A_2}$-fractions and singular functions
Rath B., Kumar K. S., Krishna D. V., Viswanadh G. K. S. The sharp bound of the third Hankel determinants for inverse of starlike functions with respect to symmetric points
Rathod A. Value distribution of meromorphic functions with relative $(k,n)$ Valiron defect on annuli
Rehman N. U., Alnoghashi H. M. The boundedness of a class of semiclassical Fourier integral operators on Sobolev space $H^{s}$
Rovenska O. G. An exact constant in the estimation of the approximation of classes of periodic functions of two variables by Cesaro means
Sevost'yanov E. A., Dovhopiatyi O. P., Ilkevych N. S., Kalenska V. P. On equicontinuity of families of mappings between rieman\-nian surfaces with respect to prime ends
Sheremeta M. M. On certain subclass of Dirichlet series absolutely convergent in half-plane
Sheremeta M. M., Skaskiv O. B. Pseudostarlike and pseudoconvex in a direction multiple Dirichlet series
Vijaya K., Murugusundaramoorthy G., Yalcin S. Universally prestarlike functions associated with shell like domain
Yilmaz D., Yazarli H. On the trace of permuting tri-derivations on rings
Zhuchok A. V. The least dimonoid congruences on relatively free trioids

Matematychni Studii