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INDEX 2020

Ahamed M. B. On uniqueness of two meromorphic functions sharing three sets with finite weights
Antonova T. M., Dmytryshyn R. I. Truncation error bounds for branched continued fraction whose partial denominators are equal to unity
Argyros I. K., Shakhno S. M., Yarmola H. P. Extended semilocal convergence for the Newton-Kurchatov method
Baksa V. P., Bandura A. I. Entire multivariate vector-valued functions of bounded $\mathbf{L}$-index: analog of Fricke's theorem
Bandura A. I. Entire functions of bounded index in frame
Bandura A. I., Savchuk Ya. I. Structure of the set of Borel exceptional vectors for entire curves
Baranetskij Ya. O., Kalenyuk P. I., Kopach M. I., Solomko A. V. The nonlocal multipoint problem with Dirichlet-type conditions for an ordinary differential equation of even order with involution
Batkunde H., Gunawan H. A revisit to $n$-normed spaces through its quo\-tient spaces
Belabbaci C. Spectral radius of S-essential spectra
Biswas T., Biswas C. Generalized $(\alpha,\beta) $ order based on some growth properties of wronskians
Chyzhykov I. E., Mokhon'ko A. Z. Logarithmic derivative estimates of meromorphic functions of finite order in the half-plane
Danchev P. V. Commutative periodic group rings
Eremenko A. E. Entire functions, PT-symmetry and Voros's quantization scheme
Favorov S. Yu. Uniqueness theorem for Fourier transformable measures on LCA groups
Fedynyak S. I., Filevych P. V. Growth estimates for a Dirichlet series and its derivative
Il'kiv V. S., Nytrebych Z. M., Pukach P. Y., Vovk M. I. Two-point boundary value problem for a partial differential equation in spaces of periodic functions
Khabibullin B. N. Integrals of subharmonic functions and their differences with weight over small sets on a ray
Kiosak V. A., Kovalova G. V. Geodesic mappings of quasi-Einstein spaces with a constant scalar curvature
Kiseleva E. M., Hart L. L., Prytomanova O. M., Zhuravel S. V. Construction of a generalized Voronoi diagram with optimal placement of generator points based on the theory of optimal set partitioning
Kravtsiv V. V. Zeros of block-symmetric polynomials on Banach spaces
Kuryliak A. O., Panchuk S. I., Skaskiv O. B. Bitlyan-Gol'dberg type inequality for entire functions and diagonal maximal term
Kyrylych V. M., Slyusarchuk O. Z. Boundary value problems with nonlocal conditions for hyperbolic systems of equations with two independent variables
Mallick S., Anwar Md T. Unique range sets for powers of meromorphic functions II
Malyutin K. G., Revenko A. A.\/} {yExtreme problems in the space of mero\-morphic functions of finite order in the half plane. II
Messirdi So., Messirdi Sa., Messirdi B. Further results on left and right generalized Drazin invertible operators
Mohanta S. K., Kar R. Some new coincidence point results for single-valued and multi-valued mappings in $b$-metric spaces Via Digraphs
Mulyava O. M., Sheremeta M. M. The Hadamard compositions of Dirichlet series absolutely converging in half-plane
Pahirya M. M. A continuant and an estimate of the remainder of the interpolating continued $C$-fraction
Petechuk V. M., Petechuk Yu. V. Residual and fixed modules
Petechuk V. M., Petechuk Yu. V. Properties of the commutators of some elements of linear groups over divisions rings
Protasov I., Protasova K. Closeness and linkness in balleans
Protsakh N. P., Parasiuk-Zasun O.\ E. Inverse problem for semilinear Eidelman type equation
Sanabria J., Rosas E., V\'{a}squez L. On inversely $\theta$-semi-open and inversely $\theta$-semi-closed functions
Sandhu G. S. Multiplicative (generalized)-derivations of prime rings that act as $n$-(anti)homomorphisms
Sevost'yanov E. A., Skvortsov S. A., Sverchevska I. A. On boundary extension of one class of mappings in terms of prime ends
Sharyn S. Algebraic and differential properties of polynomial Fourier transformation
Sheremeta M. M. Pseudostarlike and pseudoconvex Dirichlet series of order $\alpha$ and type $\beta$
Sheremeta M. M. Hadamard compositions of Gelfond-Leont'ev-Salagean and Gelfond-Leont'ev-Ruscheweyh derivatives of functions analytic in the unit disk
Storozh O. G. Is it possible to give a more precise formulation of the criterion of maximal accretivity for one extension of nonnegative operator?
Vasylyshyn T. V., Zagorodnyuk A. V. Symmetric polynomials on the Cartesian power of the real Banach space $L_\infty[0,1]$
Zabavsky B. V., Romaniv O. M. Almost zip Bezout domain
Zabolotskyi M. V. Asymptotics of $\delta$-subharmonic functions of finite order

Matematychni Studii