Matematychni Studii
Vol. 50, No.2, 2018


Composition, product and sum of analytic functions of bounded $L$-index in direction in the unit ball
Bandura A. I.
On belonging of entire Dirichlet series to a modified generalized convergence class
Mulyava O. M.
Unique range sets for powers of meromorphic functions
Mallick S., Sarkar D.
Fast growing meromorphic solutions of the systems of linear differential equations
Mokhonko A. Z., Mokhonko A. A.
The interaction of the asymmetrical screw flows for the Bryan-Pidduck model
Gordevskyy V. D., Hukalov O. O.
Uniqueness of solution for the inverse problem of finding two minor coefficients in a semilinear time frac\-tional telegraph equation
Lopushanska H. P., Lopushansky A. O.
The interpolation functional polynomial: the analogue of the Taylor formula
Baranetskij Ya. O., Demkiv I. I., Kopach M. I., Obshta A. F.
Note on separately symmetric polynomials on the Cartesian product of $\ell_1$
Jawad F.
Convergence analysis of the Gauss-Newton-Potra method for nonlinear least squares problems
Shakhno S. M., Yarmola H. P., Shunkin Yu. V.
Index, 2018

Matematychni Studii